Aerial Photography of London

Kevin Allen  Photography 

Aerial Photographer


The place to be for aerial photography of London


Quality commissioned aerial photography is not as expensive as you might think, regular London flights help keep the cost of aerial photography down.

Before commissioning a flight take time to browse through the London aerial photographs available on this site.

Please search the GALLERIES to find a collection of images you require from the largest up to date Library of London aerial images. Search by road name or landmark for central London, for places like Staines and Croydon I have dedicated galleries on the Galleries page, individual galleries for surrounding centres will be added as and when. (This site is new so tens of thousands of images to upload, contact me directly if you don't find the view you require).

Tips on how to search. Use full words e.g. Street not st or saint not st. if you use the name of a landmark and nothing appears try a main road near to the landmark.

I'm only human, I have to type all the keywords myself (an incredibly boring task), sometimes I miss the obvious and sometimes I miss spell. It's worth trying more than one or two searches.



If you do not find exactly what you are after please contact me and I will fly your bespoke job at the soonest opportunity. 

Aerial Photography by Kevin Allen 


Please read and respect.

All images are available for use by purchasing a License for that use. Any images used without first buying the license will be charged at three times the licensed price plus any expenses occurred collecting the fee.

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