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Kevin Allen is a photographer; ......you would expect that from someone selling photographic services, alas not always the case in aerial photography. There are many flying junkies feeding a flying habit with a camera. They usually advertise their service as "Cheap" "Save money" and boast about the number of images they will give you.

Well good luck to them, but I believe they are missing the point.

I do not set out to be the cheapest, neither do I promise a truckload of pictures in the hope you might like one or two. The spray and pray approach to photography.

                                                                   I set out to do the best job possible

I like to understand what it is you want to say and help you say it loud and clear. The musician Neil Young once said, “If I don’t understand what it is you want, you might get what you asked for but not what you needed”.

This is so true of aerial photography, what you think from the ground will look good from the air sometimes does not work, I will endeavor to shoot what you have asked for and if I think something else works better I will shoot that too.

Over 30 years of commercial photography, on Land Sea and in the Air has given me a solid foundation in supplying the images you want.


I shoot London from a helicopter, it really is the only way to go low and slow, more importantly the fixed wing aircraft used over London are photography unfriendly, most of the view is taken up by a wing and the engine exhaust flows right passed the opening you shoot out of, they also have to fly at nearly twice the height and much faster.

The advantages a helicopter gives you are many,

Panoramic views from a relatively stable platform.

I can use ultra wide-angle lenses, this means I can set your site in the foreground and have a wide vista of it's environment beyond. I can use telephoto lenses and if need be with special gyro stabilization I can shoot at night for the impact of the City lights.

Air traffic control can let you into places in a helicopter a fixed wing would not be allowed in.

There is also a spare seat or two, so you the client can be present and get a hands on taste of what is being achieved.

Combine that platform with my many years of experience and you have a winning combination.


In a nutshell, I use the right tools for the job, I get to understand what you want to achieve, deliver the images you need and provide great value for money.

        I probably fly London more often than any other photographer (that is why I have such a comprehensive up to date library), top design agencies are regular clients that have found I provide the best images and best value for money possible.



    Kevin Allen

Please read and respect.

All images are available for use by purchasing a License for that use. Any images used without first buying the license will be charged at three times the licensed price plus any expenses occurred collecting the fee.

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