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All prints are made by dedicated Fine Art printers with only top quality archival materials. Prices are print only including UK mainland delivery.

The negatives are all different shapes and sizes so not all will fill the paper, they are printed to fill as much of the paper as possible without cropping the longest side, which means in some cases white paper will show top and bottom.

I have retouched major damage to these images but not removed many of the scratches gained over time. To me this is all part of the charm of these pictures. 

I have been collecting these plates for years, mainly because they were being dumped by the thousands as they take up a lot of space to store. Some of these negatives are as a large as A2!

The Glass negative is the original "film" that was in the camera, often the glass plate was  coated by the photographer themselves, needless to say they are fairly fragile and don't like to be bent!

The photographer needed a high degree of technical ability to produce a workable image with the equipment and emulsion available at the time. It would be a pity to see themall end up in a landfill site.

I only produce prints on the best archival material available, treated well and not exposed to direct sunlight or in harsh environments like most materials they will last for many many years.

I hope you enjoy looking.


Fine art paper

(Approx €34)
(Approx US $38)

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